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2021 Nails Art Top 10.Which one will u pick ?

Time : 2021-05-20 Hits : 105381

Which one will u pick ?

    A third of 2021 have pass way, still an unusual year undoubtedly.we don't like the process of choosing from the  walls full of nail polish at nail salons, And we don't recommend loading up on dozens of bottles just to have ample options to choose from at home. Instead, we advise collection gel nail sticker design that will be most popular in the year,  so your fingers can always be on-trend. Also to make nail time as much fun as possible.

1.Dream illusion

“Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream;Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,Or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream.”


2.lines and curves

    Life is a transparent net, in which we are all.The Striped manicure is not only a simple style, but also very white, with a retro taste and a modern fashion sense. Dazzling color stripe manicure, and do not need too many rules, you can do DIY according to your favorite color matching, thicker or thinner lines, do not affect its fashion, but more visible.



We use glitter in metallic colors, create a peaceful atmosphere.Which also conform to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people.


4.high saturation monochrome

Bright yellow,

With the light and temperature of the sun;

Gray, calm and majestic,

Like the color left to the world after the noise,

After 2020,

We all need bright color cure too much!



5.Animal Prints

    Animal pattern, an element that people love and hate, has been popular since mom's generation.Leopard print,Snake skin pattern, fashionable and capable, instant gas field full open. Using bailing in a small area, you usually dare not try the elements, into the daily collocation, often have unexpected joy.




    When it comes to marble, it must be familiar to everyone.This transparent and textured stone is widely used in home crafts.Marble manicure not only has a special design, but also has a noble and elegant charm in the cool tone, which is irresistible.nail-art5

7.Nude and White Detail

What style of manicure is the safest and most versatile, fashionable and versatile? That must be a nude manicure! There is no conspicuous color in the nude nail, but it shows a lot of personal temperament when you look closely. The calm and generous background color will automatically produce a good impression. At the same time, with some highlights, it will be very delicate.



Summer popular elements of broken flowers, of course, in addition to clothing in the movement of broken flowers embellishment, fingertip manicure can also point to small broken flowers, idyllic style, retro style broken flower manicure, which one interest you?




The key words are lovely, Huahua, rainbow and color contrast. The one with the highest appearance rate is the design style with small flowers. The overall color is lively, with simple flowers. It is sweet and lovely with a touch of retro.



From antique in 1930s

Pearl polish with flash in 1950s

Then the first all polish nail polish created by Clairol in 60s.

vintage style  always can keep a place on nail art .