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Kann Kanner Nagelkunst hunn?

Zäit: 2021-07-01 Hits: 28

Kann Kanner Nagelkunst hunn? D'Äntwert ass jo. Nail Art gouf laang als Erwuessene Spillsaach ugesinn an en effektivt Tool fir Erwuessener an hirer Sich no Schéinheet. Awer ass et och noutwendeg fir Neel fir Kanner? Awer aus gesondheetleche Grënn musse mir méi virsiichteg si mat Kannerprodukter fir sécherzestellen datt se sécher an net gëfteg sinn.

Little girls love to play with the cosmetic products of their moms. Applying makeup, trying different hairstyles and nail designs is not only a game but something that makes them feel bigger. It is quite understandable that girls want to look as their mother, older sister or aunt. Yes, children’s manicure ideas are suitable for toddlers and girls of school age. Many beauty salons offer children’s manicure but many moms prefer to do the nails of their child at home.


For a long time, we have been trying to find an effective way to solve this problem, so here it comes -- our children's nail stickers.The size of nail bed is more suitable for children, and the design is varied.


Nail Stickers are basically stickers that are pasted onto nails to make nail art. They are one of the safest and easiest methods to make amazing nail art for kids.

Kids nail art ideas introduce the concept of female beauty for a girl from early childhood. She begins to understand what it is to take care of appearance. This is a habit, and in the future the girl will take care and maintain her hands and nails well.


These are simple mini nail decals that can be pasted onto your nails which in my opinion are the best type of nail stickers for kids.


They come in a wide variety of designs, they are super safe and easy to use.


How to apply nail polish stickers for kids?


Clean the nail bed with alcohol pad.

Choose a suitable size for each nail.

Remove the excess with the nail file and make it perfect

Then enjoy the beautiful nail art.


To make your nail stickers last longer and look more glossy consider applying a transparent top coat over it.


Advantages of nail polish stickers


Very Easy to Apply: Certain nail stickers require heat or water to be applied which can tedious but these stickers are self-adhesive so they are much easier to work with.

Wide Range Of Colorful Designs to Choose from: There are tons of brands that offer these types of stickers, with hundreds of different designs available.

Einfach ewechzehuelen: To remove these stickers all you need is to use a tweezer to peel them off. Now if you use a regular top coat over them you are gonna need to use polish remover to remove the top coat before the stickers can be peeled off.

Ze bezuelen: These types of stickers are very budget-friendly and tend to much cheaper than going to a nail salon.

Ganz séier: These stickers can be applied very quickly – in a matter of minutes you have colorful and amazing nail art.

You can find more options on: www.huiziinternational.com

Méi Optiounen



Cartoons have been a staple of television entertainment. Many of those well-known and best-loved cartoon characters of children (and even adults alike) are either dogs or cats. These are the some of the most famous cartoon pets who became a visible part of popular culture.


2.Zebra prints


Zebra print has always been a favorite in the fashion industry, leading the fashion trend for many years. Meanwhile, the cartoon image of zebra is also popular among children.

Especially the pink striped zebra, pink is very consistent with the girl heart of children, stripes is an essential fashion element.

At the same time, it can also reflect the unity of human and nature in fashion.




Kids love candy, and putting cartoon candy on their nails can brighten their day.

This colorful candy is easy to pair with your child's pretty clothes.

And in the process, children can also understand that candy is not just a snack, but also makes a good decoration.


4. Planet


The night sky is full of stories, adventures, and curiosities. Not only is gazing into the sky one of many ways to encourage your child’s natural love of learning, it’s also a step toward raising thoughtful, introspective, universe-conscious people. Why not take the Kanner out and turn your heads to the sky this summer?

Wait, you can have the whole planet on your nails, isn"t it so romantic?Then this cartoon planet can really bring you some surprise.


You can find more designs for nail polish stickers on: www.huiziinternational.com


Come and have fun with your kids!!!